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CHOOSE CHANGE. If you are seeking therapy, you are ready for understanding, and a desire for a healthier way of managing life. Change is not always easy - with compassion, acceptance and a guide, it is easier than you think. 

Emotional health and inner strength are the keystones to managing your world. How will you push forward despite obstacles? 

Managing your life and self-care is critical to your best functioning, but is often put last. In our work together, my role is to help you uncover and identify your goals and redefine a balance that makes your life more enjoyable. You are worth it and it can start now.

I offer tele-therapy, which I believe is a wonderful way to connect and does not limit the power of counseling. It's convenient and provides you the support you need, more easily and in a changing culture. The focus remains on your safety, your privacy and your needs. Your voice is important - to know your more immediate goals, and then together decide how to move forward. It is important that you are a part of the process and feel safe knowing your best interests are my goal. 

For those who are familiar with therapy techniques, I enjoy an array of styles and interventions that combine to best fit your need and offer awareness about yourself in the process. I use Gestalt Interactive approaches, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy to address thoughts that get in your way, Narrative, Solution-Focused for short-term needs, and I specialize in Couples work. I am also a Choice Therapist and believe that you have control over many things and can use your choices to get what you need despite obstacles. I am Trauma-Informed Trained and believe that Trauma can be a barrier in your life if you let it, but there is also a way to gently understand and nurture the Trauma, and in turn, function in a more healthy way in your present daily functioning.  As a cancer survivor, I am passionate about supporting the Cancer Community and whether in treatment or recovery I am happy to help you find ways to be happier on a daily basis regardless of the "C" word. I am here to listen.

I feel that it is important that you are included in the treatment direction we plan for you. I provide a warm, safe, compassionate and acceptance-oriented environment, where a judgmental of others, has no place. Focusing on your strengths and new effective skills, however will be your superpower. 

I look forward to hearing how I might help you.  Stay Safe.  

Respectfully and Sincerely, Michelle


I look forward to hearing from you.


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